Christian doctrines

Title (Latin)

Theme Issued By Date/Year Issues/concerns
Rerum Novarum On the condition of labor Pope Leo XIII 1891 ·         Enumerated the moral principles that should govern among other thing

·         The rights of the workers

·         The right to private property

·         Care for the poor

·         Duties of workers and employers

·         The role of public authorities

·         And the return to Christian morality

Quadragesimo  Anno On the social reconstruction Pope Pius XI 1931 ·         Commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Rerum Novarum

·         The term “social doctrine” was first used by Pope Pius XI

·         The effect of greed and concentrated economic power on working people and society

·         The demands of the common good and social justice oblige the whole country to work for an equitable distribution of good

·         The right and duty of the catholic church to make its special contribution in resolving the problems of the society

Divini Redemptoris Pope Pius XI 1937 ·         Exposed the errors and evils of communism that was more and more becoming popular at that time
Summi Pontificatus On the unity of human society Pope Pius XII 1939 ·         The church’s opposition against racial hostility, totalitarianism, and the idea of state becoming something ultimate to which everything else should be subordinated

·         The need for the state to recognize and respect freedom of religion

Mater et Magistra Christianity and social progress Pope John XXIII 1961 ·         Worldwide problem of the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the arms race, and the plight of the farmers

·         Tackles the problem of agriculture and plight of the farmers

·         Magna carta of agriculture

Pacem in Terris Peace on earth Pope John XXIII 1963 ·         Magna carta of human rights

·         The full range of human rights as the basis of peace

·         He encouraged disarmament, recognized quality of dignity, and right to self-development of each nation

·         Advocated reviewing of policies for allocation of resources and policies that concerns multinational corporations

·         Promoted the united nations organization as the worldwide public authority

·         Proposed a society based on subsidiarity

Gaudium et Spes The church in the modern world Second Vatican council 1965 ·         Human dignity as the basis for political an economical decisions

·         Warns and laments on the growing worldwide poverty and the threat of nuclear war

·         Also sees peace as an ordering of society built on justice

·         Encourages Christians to work for structures that would make a more just and peaceful world

Populorum Progressio On development of peoples Pope Paul VI 1967 ·         The pope coined the phrase:

o   “development is another term for peace”

o   “authentic development is not limited to economic growth”

·         He decried sinful structures that promote inequality

·         Stifles the fight of poor individuals and nations for human development

·         Resources be shared through aid, technical assistance, and fair trade relations

·         The core of this encyclical – The right of individuals and nations development

Octagesima Adviens A call to action Pope Paul VI 1971 ·         80th anniversary of rerum novarum

·         A synthesis of guidelines related to political activity

·         Calls for political action for change and economic justice

·         An objective analysis of the situation of one’s society with the aim of identifying action for justice

Justice in the world Synod of bishops 1971 ·         The mission of all members of the people of god to work for justice in the world

·         Bishops also show their adherence to the UN declaration of human rights

·         Emphasizing action for justice as a constituent part of being a Christian

·         The bishops also requires from Christians particularly the leaders, policies, and lifestyle that model justice so as to be credible in preaching justice

·         The reality of social sin that presently exists in every nation

Evangeliu Nuntiandi Evangelization today Pope Paul VI 1975 ·         Fighting for justice and people’ liberation from different forms of oppression

·         Personal and societal transformation and sees social justice as integral to faith

Redemptor Hominis Redeemer of mankind Pope John Paul II 1979 ·         The importance of human rights as the fundamental principle for all programs, systems, and regimes

·         A redirection of investments for armaments into investments for food at the service of life

·         A greater emphasis for the care of the environment

Laborem Execerns On human work Pope John Paul II 1981 ·         Tackles the modern meanings and problems of human work

·         The duties of all the members of the church towards it

·         Commitment to justice through the fostering of just wages, joint ownership and sharing in the management and profits of labor

Solicitudo Rei Socialis Social concerns of the church Pope John Paul II 1987 ·         Tackles the concepts of option for the poor, sinful structures, conversion to solidarity, and reform of world trade and financial systems

·         The great injustice of the few having so much and the many having almost nothing

·         Different situations of sin that worsen and perpetuate the situation

·         He also suggests plans of action towards integral and human development

Centesimus Annus The 100th year Pope John Paul II 1991 ·         Commemoration of the 100th year of rerum novarum

·         Calls for disarmament

·         Development of public policies for employment and job security

·         Establishment of institutions for arms control

·         Simplification of lifestyle, particularly those who are rich for the sake of the poor, not only individuals but also nations

Tertio Millenio Adviente The jubilee year 200 Pope John Paul II 1994 ·         Invites all Christians to a commitment to justice and peace

·         Pro-poor polices and structures

·         Substantial reduction or outright cancellation of international debt

·         Solution of problems involving unity and human rights particularly those of women

·         The jubilee year – the year of the lord’s mercy

Evangelium Vitae Gospel of life Pope John Paul II 1995 ·         Recognition of the sacred value of human life

·         He denounced the violence against life done to millions of human beings who are victims of war and poverty

·         Especially children who are forced into poverty, malnutrition, and hunger because of an unjust distribution of resources

Ecclesia in Asia Jesus Christ the savior and his mission of love and service in Asia Pope John Paul II 1999 ·         Published in the event of the pope’s visit to India

·         Deals on Asian religious, cultural, social, economic, and political realities viz a viz the catholic church in Asia

·         The Asian church’s mission is a mission of communion and dialogue

·         Clarifies the social teachings of the church

·         Particularly on the dignity of the human person, preferential option for the poor, education, peacemaking, globalization, foreign debt, and environment

The Participation of Catholics in the Political Life Pope John Paul II 2002 ·         Coherence between faith and life, gospel and culture

·         Exhorts christians to fulfill their duties faithfully in the spirit of the gospel

·         Inspires christians to be proud of the opportunity to carry out their earthly activity  in such a way as to integrate human, domestic, professional, scientific, and technical enterprises with religious values under whose supreme direction all things are ordered to the glory of god

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church


The pontifical council for justice and peace in Vatican 2004 ·         A compilation and systematic presentation of the social teaching of the church

·         A concise but complete overview of the church’s social teaching

·         Help the readers to understand the motives that prompt the church to intervene with her doctrine in the social sector

·         To sustain and foster the activity of christians in the social sector

·         Help the readers see the reasons for an encounter, dialogue, and cooperation in serving the common good

Deus Caritas Est God is love Pope Benedict XVI 2005 ·         Theological-philosophical reflection on love

·         Inherent link between god’s love and human love

·         Necessity of loving others as a central element of the social teaching of the church

·         Describes the social teaching of the church as a body of doctrines that helps in the attainment of social justice by forming consciousness through the purification and illumination of reason

Medellin Conference Documents Latin american episcopal conference 1968 ·         Aim to adapt the social teaching of the church to the life situations of the latin american church
Puebla Conference Documents Latin american episcopal conference 1979 ·         Aim to adapt the social teaching of the church to the life situations of the latin american church
The Documents of the Federation of Asian Bishop’s Conference


Jan. 10-19, 1995 ·         Denounce the forces of death that plague the continent

·         Envisions a unity in diversity among the people in asia

·         They envision a holistic life

·         Gives attention to whatever threatens, weakens, diminishes, and destroys the life of individuals, groups, or people

·         Whatever devalues human beings  conceived, born, infant, or old

·         Whatever socio-cultural, religious, political, economic, or environmental factor that threatens or destroys life in our countries

The Document of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II) Plenary council composed of representatives from all sectors of the Philippine church 1991

·         Aims to reanimate the filipino’s life in Christ Jesus and unite all things in him

·         It starts with an analysis of the present situation in the Philippines in the light of Christian faith

·         Suggesting ways towards the realization of its vision of a renewed church

·         Integral evangelization  and a community of disciples

·          Offers a new spirituality of social transformation towards liberation from all forms of oppression


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